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Project Management

Let management personnel stay on top of group projects online from anywhere in real-time. Group privacies including document, schedule, and project detail are protected within the groups. An ideal tool for companies that have multiple branch offices.

Search Engine Friendly URL

Turns dynamic URLs (such as into the actual words that search engine and human understand (such as If you don't like the auto generated URLs, you can change them to the preferred wordings. This greatly helps when your potential customers are searching the keyword of interest.

Event Calendar

An Event Calendar capable of displaying both private and public events. Each event can be assigned to different user groups of your web site. This extension also come with a mini calendar and latest event list.

Event Registration

Let your users register both free and paid event from your website. This add-on provides a word-processing style editor for events updating and creation. It allows individual and group registration and various payment methods to fit your needs.

Video & Multimedia Content Manager

This Video & Multimedia Content Manager is so easy to use that you will be tempted to add video clips anywhere on your website. Not only does it allows you to manage the clips as easy as managing text content, but also allows you to insert videos with just one click. This add-on manages all the major multimedia video and audio formats.

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